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Twist! & Clip!




Durable Functional Beach Tool

Durable Functional Beach Tool

bringing YOUR brand to the SAND!

bringing YOUR brand to the SAND!

New method for beach marketing

New method for beach marketing

This new revolutionary lightweight tool is used
at the BEACH to hold your blanket, towel or
sarong down in the sand...
The Blanket Anchor® Kit

No More Blowing Blanket



The Blanket Anchor®

Holds your
Blanket down in the sand...

Marketing Competition

Market Size / Potential Territory

The Blanket Anchor® is the newest beach novelty item since the introduction of the Beach Ball in 1938...

24.8% of Americans visit the beach annually. Given a population of 314 million as of April 2012 that means approximately 78 million Americans attend the beach annually.

The Travel & Tourism industry makes up $312 Billion of the U.S. economy annually. The travel and tourism sector is one of the top 5 revenue generating commodities for the U.S. Government.

Annual Beach Visits by Country 2012

Mediterranean Shore
370 million
80 million
United States
78 million
20 million
10 million
6 million
4 million
Rio de Janeiro
3 million
Costa Rica
1.5 million

Everyone goes to the beach at some point during the summer. A trip to
the beach can be an event especially if you take all of the items
necessary for a 4-8 hour day out in the hot sun in a remote area. People
who make frequent visits to the beach annually have special chairs,
towels, and blankets that are set aside just for this purpose. For as long
as we can remember people have had to be creative in figuring out how
to prevent their blankets and towels from blowing around using things
like books, shoes, extra clothes, radios, picnic baskets or water
bottles….that is until now.

The Blanket Anchor®, LLC, is a company that has developed a patented
and trademarked brand-able mechanism that holds your blanket, towel
or sarong securely in the sand.

Face it, Sand can be a nuisance!!

Explore Functionality

Main Features

The Blanket Anchor™, is a mechanism that holds your blanket or towel securely in the sand or grass.

The Blanket Anchor™, is a 6-inch coiled shaft with a (3 inch x 1.5-inch) serrated horizontal spring loaded clamp attached at the top.

The Blanket Anchor™ is used at the beach in the sand. The base is twisted or screwed into the sand clockwise until the clamp is flush with the sand and you gently grip the corner of your blanket.


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What They Say


Best Solution

Today was very windy at the
beach today, This is the best
product ever, it held my blanket
with no problem..

Sarah Albert

Best Quality

The quality of this product is
excellent. This is a great
solution and it really works.

Thank you Blanket Anchors

Kevin Martin

Easy to use and light weight

These 4 light pegs mad my life
easy yesterday on the beach with
my 3 kids.
They played on it all day and
barley got any sand on it..
Thumbs up

Jessica Smith
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